Brenda Roe

Professor of Health Research, FOHSC, Edge Hill University

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Older people, ageing, quality of life, Evidence based practice and policy, Long term conditions, health and social care, Population surveys, Quantitative and qualitative research, RCTs, Systematic reviews and evidenec synthesis of mixed methods studies

Fellow of the Queen’s Nursing Institute and Fellow of the Royal Society for Public Health. I was Editor of JAN Journal of Advanced Nursing (2002-2017) and was one of the founding editors of the Cochrane Incontinence Review Group (1996-2000) with particular responsibility for reviews on behavioural interventions for the management of urinary incontinence. I have been an invited member on a number of international consultations, government and research council committees (e.g. Standing Nursing and Midwifery Advisory Committee (1992-1996); MRC College of Experts for the Health Services and Publicmore...

1979 - BSc (Hons)(2:2) Human Biology, Oxford Polytechnic., 1982 - Registered Nurse, The Nightingale School, St Thomas' Hospital, London., 1986 - MSc (Method II Research), Geriatric Medicine, University of Manchester., 1989 - PhD, Geriatric Medicine, University of Manchester., 2002 - BSc (Hons)(2:1) Community Health; Public Health Specialist/Health Visitor, Manchester Metropolitan University.

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