Michael Richards

Lecturer in Applied Health and Social Care

FOHSC:FOHSC Applied Health and Social Care

Community and Critical Psychology, Learning Disabilities, Masculinity and Identity, Sex and Sexuality, Care Settings, Heath Promotion, Qualitative, Participatory and Visual Methods

Michael is a community and chartered psychologist, with particular research interests in working collaboratively with marginalised groups using different methods including, art, poetry, film, photography, and drama. For example, his PhD aimed to provide a rich and contextual account from the perspective of men labelled with learning difficulties on health promotion. In the development of forty-five workshops, using qualitative, auto ethnographic and participatory approaches, the research uncovered the ways in which these men demonstrated understanding of health promotion, in the context of mulmore...

PhD MSc BSc (Hons) FHEA PGCTHE C.Psych

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