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Rawding, Charles (2017) Nature and the legacy of Alexander Von Humboldt. Geography, 102 (2). pp. 95-98. ISSN 0016-7487

Rawding, Charles (2016) ‘Spotlight on David Harvey and the pursuit of critical geography.’. Geography, 101 (3). pp. 164-166. ISSN 0016-7487

Rawding, Charles (2016) ‘The challenges of environmental education’. Teaching Geography. pp. 10-12. ISSN 0305-8018

Rawding, Charles (2015) ‘Marie Antoinette and Heathrow Airport: using mysteries to teach holistic geographies’. Teaching Geography, 40 (1). pp. 32-33. ISSN 0305-8018

Rawding, Charles (2014) The importance of teaching holistic geographies. Teaching Geography, 39 (1). pp. 10-13. ISSN 0305-8018

Rawding, Charles (2013) Challenging Assumptions: The importance of holistic geographies’ Geography. Geography, 98 (3). pp. 157-159. ISSN 0016-7487

Rawding, Charles (2012) Teaching urban change using the local area. Teaching Geography, 37 (3). pp. 99-101. ISSN 0305-8018

Rawding, C. (2009) Teaching place as a process. Teaching Geography, 34 (2). pp. 64-67. ISSN 0305-8018

Rawding, C. (2009) This Changing World: Towards teaching the geographies of consumption. Geography, 94 (2). pp. 126-132. ISSN 0016-7487

Rawding, C. (2008) Changing Land Use in North East Lancashire during the Second World War. North West Geography, 8 (2). pp. 1-13. ISSN 1476-1580

Rawding, C. and Williams, L. (2008) Liverpool: Capital of culture. Teaching Geography, 33 (1). ISSN 0305-8018

Rawding, C. (2007) A tale of two markets: housing in East Lancashire. Geography, 92 (2). pp. 13-22. ISSN 0016-7487

Rawding, C. (2006) East Lancashire housing markets: variations and contrasts. North West Geography, 6 (1). pp. 1-9.

Rawding, C. (2006) Kangaroo: sustainable meat and leather or cute tourist icon? Teaching Geography, Spring. pp. 18-19.

Rawding, C. (2005) Stagnation and progress: contradictions in the inter-war English village, Binbrook, Lincolnshire, 1918-1939. Lincolnshire History & Archaeology, 40. pp. 44-52.

Book Section

Rawding, Charles (2017) The Anthropocene and the global. In: Jones, M and Lambert, D (eds). Debates in geography education. Routledge, Abington, pp. 239-249. ISBN 9781138672581

Rawding, Charles and Tapsfield, Andrea (2017) Mentoring. In: Jones, Mark (ed). The Handbook of Secondary Geography. Geographical Association, Sheffield, pp. 306-317. ISBN 978-1-84377-377-1

Rawding, Charles (2015) Constructing the geography curriculum. In: Butt, G (ed). Masterclass Geography. Bloomsbury, pp. 67-80. ISBN 9781472535719

Rawding, Charles (2013) Changing geographies for a changing world? In: Lambert, David and Jones, Mark (eds). Debates in Geography Education. Routledge, London, pp. 282-290. ISBN 978-0-415-68779-9

Rawding, Charles (2013) Physical geography in the geography classroom. Available as ‘Physische Geographie im Unterricht’. In: Rolfes, Manfred and Uhlenwinkel, Anke (eds). Metzler Handbuch 2.0 Geographieunterricht. Westermann, Braunschweig, pp. 434-443. ISBN 978-3-14-142802-5

Rawding, Charles (2013) Reading our landscapes: approaches to fieldwork. Available as 'Fedlarbeit: Unsere Landschaft lesen’. In: Rolfes, Manfred and Uhlenwinkel, Anke (eds). Metzler Handbuch 2.0 Geographieunterricht. Westermann, Braunschweig, pp. 63-70. ISBN 978-3-14-142802-5

Rawding, C. (2009) High farming on the Wolds. In: Robinson, D. (ed). The Lincolnshire Wolds. Windgather Press, pp. 39-48. ISBN 9781905119264

Rawding, C. (2007) The treatment of failing farmers in south West Lancashire during the Second World War. In: Short, B., Watkins, C. and Martin, J. (eds). The front line of freedom: British farming in the Second World War. British Agricultural History Society, pp. 179-193. ISBN 090326904X

Rawding, C., Blakey, P. and Hind, D. (2004) The Lake District as a tourist destination in the 21st Century. In: Hind, D.W.G. and Mitchell, J.P. (eds). Sustainable Tourism in the English Lake District. Business Education, pp. 75-100. ISBN 1 901888 29 0

Conference or Workshop Item

Rawding, Charles (2012) ‘The Earls of Yarborough and the Lincolnshire Landscape.’. Society of Lincolnshire History and Archaeology Local History day, 5th May., University of Lincoln,.

Rawding, Charles (2011) Changing geographies of childhood: some implications for geography teaching’. GTE Geography Tutors’ Conference.University of Nottingham, 28th- 30th Jan. 2011, Matlock Bath..

Rawding, Charles (2010) ‘Reconstructing the rural: contemporary approaches to the British countryside.’. GTE Geography Tutors’ Conference.University of Cambridge,, 29th- 31st Jan 2010, Madingley Hall..

Rawding, C. (2010) Reconstructing the rural: contemporary approaches to the British countryside. Geography Teacher Educators' Conference, 29th - 31st January, Cambridge.

Rawding, C. (2010) Teaching transport: new approaches. Geographical Association Annual Conference, 8th-10th April, University of Derby.

Rawding, C. (2009) Incorporating the cultural turn into geographies of mobilities. Geography Teacher Educators' Conference, 30th January - 1st February, Southport.

Rawding, C. (2009) New approaches to teaching retailing. Geographical Association Annual Conference, 16-18 April, University of Manchester.

Rawding, C. (2008) New approaches to teaching tourism. Geographical Association Annual Conference, 27th-29th March, University of Surrey, Guildford.

Rawding, C. (2008) Shopping: some options from an expert. Geography Teacher Educators' Conference, 25th - 27th January, Marriott Royal Hotel, Bristol.

Rawding, C. (2007) Keeping Butler on the beach: embedding tourism in modernity. Geography Teacher Educators' Conference.

Rawding, C. (2007) Peter Rabbit, Skippy and Burgess KS3-4. Geographical Association Annual Conference, 12th-14th April, University of Derby.

Rawding, C. (2006) Putting Burgess in the bin. Geography Teacher Educators' Conference.

Rawding, Charles Carboniferous limestone and the search for relevance. GTE Geography Tutors’ Conference., 27th-29th January 2012, Swansea Metropolitan University.

Rawding, Charles Conceptualising place in a dynamic curriculum. Association of American Geographers Annual Conference,, Feb 24th-28th 2012, New York,.

Rawding, Charles ‘Greenwashing, Gaia and the absence of holistic geographies’. GTE Geography Tutor’s Conference, 30th January – 1st February, University of Oxford.

Rawding, Charles Joining up the modules: the importance of holistic geographies. GTE Geography Tutors’ Conference., 25th-27th January 2013, University of Hull.

Rawding, Charles Place: the final frontier. GTE Geography Tutor’s Conference, 24th-26th January 2014, University of Winchester.


Rawding, C., Holden, V. and Worsley, A. (2010) Contemporary Approaches to Geography: Environmental Geography. Chris Kington Publishing. ISBN 978-1899857982

Rawding, C. (2010) Contemporary Approaches to Geography: Human Geography. Chris Kington Publishing. ISBN 9781899857968

Suggitt, S. (2010) Contemporary Approaches to Geography: Physical Geography. Chris Kington Publishing. ISBN 978-1-899857-97-5

Rawding, C. (2007) Reading our landscapes: understanding changing geographies. Chris Kington Publishing. ISBN 978-1-899857-52-4

Rawding, C. (2007) Understanding place as a process. Theory into practice. Geographical Association, Sheffield. ISBN 9781843771715

Rawding, C. (2001) The Lincolnshire Wolds in the Nineteenth Century. History of Lincolnshire Committee. ISBN 0 902668 20 X