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Gordon, Daniel (2015) ‘Les marches vues du Royaume Uni’. Migrations Société (159). ISSN 0995-7367

Gordon, Daniel (2015) French and British Anti-Racists Since the 1960s: A rendez-vous manqué? Journal of Contemporary History, 50 (3). pp. 606-631. ISSN 0022-0094 DOI

Gordon, Daniel (2010) A ‘Mediterranean New Left’? Comparing and Contrasting the French PSU and the Italian PSIUP. Contemporary European History, 19 (4). pp. 309-330. ISSN 0960-7773 DOI

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Gordon, D. (2008) Liquidating May '68? Generational Trajectories of the 2007 Presidential Candidates. Modern and Contemporary France, 16 (2). pp. 143-159. ISSN 0963-9489 DOI

Gordon, D. (2007) Review: Three New Works by Azouz Begag. H-France Review, 7 (118). ISSN 1553-9172

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Gordon, D. (2004) "À Nanterre, ça bouge" : immigrés et gauchistes en banlieue, 1968 à 1971. Historiens et Geographes 385. pp. 75-86. ISSN 0046-757X

Gordon, D. (2003) "Il est recommande aux etrangers de ne pas participer": les etrangers expulses en mai-juin 1968. Migrations Societe 15(87-88). pp. 45-65. ISSN 0995-7367

Gordon, D. (2000) World Reactions to the 1961 Paris Pogrom. University of Sussex Journal of Contemporary History, 1.

Book Section

Gordon, Daniel (2017) Antisemitism, Islamophobia and the Search for Common Ground in French Anti-Racist Movements since 1898. In: Renton, James and Gidley, Ben (eds). Antisemitism and Islamophobia in Europe: A Shared Story? Palgrave, London, pp. 217-266. ISBN 978-1-137-41299-7

Gordon, Daniel (2015) ‘Sans Frontière et la fin des années 68 en France’. In: Lacroix, Bernard, Pailhes, Anne-Marie, Rolland-Diamond, Caroline and Landrin, Xavier (eds). Les contre-cultures: genèses, circulations, pratiques. Editions Syllepse, Paris, pp. 111-124. ISBN 9 782849 504727

Gordon, Daniel (2015) ‘Le 17 octobre 1961 et la population française: la collaboration ou la résistance?’. In: Kadri, Aissa, Bouaziz, Moula and Quemeneur, Tramor (eds). La guerre d'Algérie revisitée: nouvelles générations, nouveaux regards. Editions Karthala, Paris. ISBN 9782811112950

Gordon, Daniel (2014) From Militancy to History: Sans Frontière and Immigrant Memory at the Dawn of the 1980s. In: Chabal, Emile (ed). France Since The 1970s: History, Politics and Memory in an Age of Uncertainty. Bloomsbury, London, pp. 115-128. ISBN 978-1-4725-0977-2

Gordon, Daniel (2011) Reaching out to immigrants in May '68: specific or universal appeals? In: Jackson, J., Milne, A. and Williams, J. (eds). May 68: Rethinking France's Last Revolution. Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke, pp. 93-108. ISBN 9780230319592

Gordon, D. (2010) Memories of 1968 in France: Reflections on the 40th Anniversary. In: Cornils, I. and Waters, S. (eds). Memories of 1968: International Perspectives: 16. Peter Lang Pub Inc, pp. 49-78. ISBN 978-3039119318

Gordon, D. (2010) Le PSU et les luttes de l'immigration: perspectives nationales et internationales. In: Kernalegenn, T., Prigent, F., Richard, G. and Sainclivier, J. (eds). Le PSU vu d'en bas : Réseaux sociaux, politique, laboratoire d'idées (années 1950-années 1980). Presses Universitaires de Rennes, Rennes, pp. 327-336. ISBN 978-2753509924

Gordon, D. (2007) Daniel Guérin et le movement des travailleurs immigrés en France après 1968. In: Berry, D., Schwarzwald, R., Baudry, H. and Guseva, J. (eds). Daniel Guérin : Tome 2 : Révolutionnaire en mouvement(s). L'Harmattan, pp. 197-216. ISBN 978-2296023192

Gordon, D. (2006) Controlling the Streets in May 1968. In: Wardhaugh, J. (ed). 'Paris and the Right in the Twentieth Century'. Cambridge Scholars Press, pp. 104-121. ISBN 1847180949


Gordon, Daniel A (2012) Immigrants and Intellectuals: May 68 and the Rise of Anti-Racism in France. Merlin Press. ISBN 9780850366648